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Colocation and Data Center Services
We provide best in class hosting and datacenter solution for your IT requirements. Our design team can help you, find the optimal hardware design.


Design and Deploy your Stable IP Network.
We have very strong IP network expertise to design and deploy stable, secure, secured IP infrastructure for Tier 1 and Enterprises.


Develop OTT Applications and VAS Products.
We have a strong development team for new innovations on OTT applications and VAS products mainly focusing on OTT players and Tier 1 operators.


Leading Voice and Data Carriage service provider.
A strong background in Voice and Data carriage services partnering with most of the large Tier 1 and Tier 2 carrier service providers.

HD Softphone - Lets Talk HD High Definition Mobile OTT Application

HD Softphone is a high definition mobile OTT application now available in iOS and Android. It is having highly stable hardware accelerated audio/video engine to have a HD quality user experience. All the communication through this application is highly encrypted and secured, to prevent any fraudulent activity. We have added 64-bit compatibility on both iOS and Android utilizing CPU resource efficiently. Customers who requires custom designs, features, VAS products to be integrated into the application, can be provided as a service and can be deployed in minimal time frame to help customers enter into the market in a faster pace.


One of the leading Voice/Data carrier service provider.

Divox is carrying more than 300 Million minutes in a month across the globe and having a total data network capacity of 40Gbps. Also having a redundant PoP in New York and New Jersey, helps Divox provide a seamless services both on Voice and on Data, along a successful commitment of 99.99% network uptime constantly maintained for last three years.

about us


Divox, where innovative ideas are communicated and deployed with passion.

Divox is managed by highly motivated personalities and the team is never lesser. We are having a concrete internal structure to prevent any margin of error while executing ideas. Each team is motivated and calibrated to precise requirement on which the telecommunication industry is leading ahead these days. The executive team combines extensive experience, ranging from founding numerous successful business enterprises to holding best management positions in global companies, with broad technical knowledge. Divox has been able to compete and grow because of our culture and spirit of teamwork, development of career paths, and opportunities for high performers.